Each STRIEM TU (Truck unit) is custom built to your department's needs. Your department chooses your tank size (150, 225, 300, or Custom) and we go from there to build the skid unit that fits your department's requirements. This unit also offers under tank storage and cab space along with other specialty options.

Each STRIEM TU is different and is made exclusively for your department. It becomes a great addition to your fleet because it's personalized.

Features of the STRIEM TU:

-The STRIEM Foam System
-Cox hose reels
-Task Force Tips Nozzles
-Wide choice of pumps: Waterous, Hale, Darley and Gorman Rupp IPT
-UPF tanks (Defender series)
-Foam cells/tanks from 1 to 8 gallons
-Under tank storage
-Draft capabilities
-Akron discharge valves
-Lighted pump panels
-Priming (electric or exhaust priming)
-All controls operated from the ground

To see pictures of the STRIEM TU's click here!

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