Pump Maintenance

The pump maintenance program includes:

-Drain and replace oil in transfer cases, in Hale units the autolube is also serviced
-Check radiator, cooling valve and plumbing
-Check primer reservoirs, advise department if levels are low

-Primer device
-Pump shift
-Pump packing/ Mechanical seals
-Relief valve pilot/Governors
-All gauges
-Intake valves
-Discharge valves
-Panel counter (if applicable)
-Master drains
-Light and Electrical systems for pump operation

-Volume Pump Relief Valve
-Pump Dry Vacuum Test
-Transfer Valve

**Note** Any defective items found will be noted on a complete written report, this will include a cost
estimate for parts and labor. All components must be in safe working condition prior to pump test.

Pump service tests will be done after maintenance has been completed.


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