Full Chassis PM

The Full Chassis PM includes:

-Change engine oil
-Change rear end oil (if requested)
-Change oil, fuel, and water filters
-Change transmission filter (if requested)

-Check transmission oil level
-Check rear end oil level
-Tire air pressure and tread depth
-12 Volt Charging system
-Steering and related components
-Operation of all lights
-Radiator cap
-Cab bushings and bolts
-Alternator brackets and belts
-All belts for condition and adjustments
-Leads to starter and ground
-Cross member bolts
-Drive shaft slip yokes
-Breather caps
-Engine and transmission mounts
-Air pressure loss (brake pedal depressed)
-Engine oil level before draining
-Cab hold down latches
-Exhaust system for leaks
-Routing and condition of coolant hoses
-Lube brake cams and adjust
-Check and grease U joints
-Leaf springs and hangers
-Wheel hubs for leaks
-Tie rod ends, steering arms, and shaft spines
-Operation of windshield wipers

**Oil and filters can be supplied by the department or by Rennert's Fire Equipment


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