STRIEM Foam System

The S.F.S. (STRIEM Foam System) is our custom foam system and is designed for our STRIEM wildland units.
The S.F.S. is a class "A" through the pump foam system. The system works on the vacuum
created by the pump at the eye of the impeller and is a water flow sensitive system.
This means that the more water there is, the more vacuum that is created and the more foam that is metered
into the pump. If water flow is stopped, foam flow into the pump is also stopped and the foam
flow is on standby until the water flow is resumed.

The vacuum is created with a series of check valves at the pump intake and foam cell/tank. System is turned on with a ¼" quarter turn valve at the pump panel. The system is set at .5% through the
ranges of water flow. It is as simple as it sounds, turn it on, flow water and you have a .5% foam solution.

As with any other through the pump or around the pump foam systems the S.F.S. will not work from a
pressurized water source and water cannot be circulated to the water tank as all discharges carry foam.