About Us

Rennert’s Fire Equipment Service was founded in 1971 by Dick and Lucy Rennert. Dick had been with the Oshkosh Fire Department and was interested in starting his own fire service business. They started selling equipment and repairing fire trucks out of the back of their station wagon and their home. In 1975 they built the first Rennert’s repair shop and the company expanded with the addition of their son Rich. Rennert’s remained in Oshkosh, WI for a number of years becoming incorporated in 1980.

In 1995 current owners Ron Thiem and Joel Strahota approached Dick about getting into the fire service business. Ron and Joel have been with the Markesan Fire Department (now Grand River Fire District) since 1985 and 1983, respectively. They both enjoyed keeping the trucks in top condition and both wanted to get out of the canning industry and head in a new direction. It was not long into the conversation before Dick said, “Did you bring your check book?” After working out all the details in the September of 1996 Ron and Joel bought the business; Dick and Lucy stayed through November of that year to help make the transition smooth.

Ron and Joel continue to be active in their community. Ron is the Deputy Chief of the Grand River Fire District. Joel is an Assistant Chief for the Grand River Fire District and Director of the Southern Green Lake Ambulance Service.

When Rennert's was purchased in 1996 it was a three person business located in Oshkosh, WI. In 1999 the business was moved to Ron and Joel's hometown; Markesan, WI. In 2009 Rennert's expanded by opening a second shop location in Deforest, WI. Rennert's now employs 15 full time employees and 3 part time employees.

Ron and Joel have come a long way in their many years in the fire service industry. They still love this line of work and they never regret their decision to purchase the business.
Fire Fighters are great people to work with and they have made so many friends over the years.

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